General Purpose Adhesive 1-01

Adhesive 1-07 is a quick setting water based rubber bitumen adhesive designed to adhere polystyrene, polyurethane, low density fibrous glass to metal, masonry, wood and to itself. It is also used to adhere all types of vapour barrier facings except polyethylene film to insulation. No fire hazard during application. Cold Store Adhesive 1-07 is non toxic almost odourless and resists exposure to water vapour, making it suitable for refrigeration work. When using as contact adhesive, spread adhesive on both surfaces, allow open time until tacky (up to 30 minutes) then press together. Its good Alkali resistance permits use on new masonry surfaces which must be free from oil. Cold Store Adhesive 1-07 has vapour barrier properties and is ideal for use in cold store construction as adhesive and vapour barrier.