Sealumet Group (Australia, Europe, Singapore & Middle East ) & its associated manufacturing unit Cherrit International, Singapore, has been Manufacturing & Distributing Thermal & Acoustic Insulation materials for more than three decades to major Insulation Contractors for various major Power/Petrochemicals/LNG projects within Australia, S.E. Asia, UK, Russia, & the Middle East. Sealumet Group is a one stop shop for Thermal & Acoustic Insulation materials for both Hot, Cold & Acoustic work.

Sealumet was originally founded in the UK in 1985. In 2008 Sealumet Australia was established to cater for the growing market in Australia and SE Asia, and Sealumet UAE commencing operations to service the Middle East region in 2014.

Cherrit International was established in 1977 as an engineering and trading company. In 1992 Cherrit expanded into manufacturing, producing the metal jacketing system with moisture barrier protection coatings. In 2017 Cherrit International was acquired by the Sealumet group, and continues to specialise in the production of those metal products that the company is well known for.

Our range of products include:

  • Aluminium & Stainless Banding & Seals-304/316
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminium Cladding (Plain/Corrugated/PVDF/Surlyn/Tedlar)
  • Aluminised Steel Type 1 & 2
  • Mastics & Adhesives for Hot,Cold, HVAC & Cryogenic Applications
  • Vapor Barrier /Mylar Foil & Tapes
  • Fabricated Foamglas, PIR, PU Foam, Phenolic Foams
  • Rockwool Pipesections/Blankets/Slabs
  • Perlite/Calcium Silicate
  • Tapes (Fiberglass /Filament/PVC/Ceramic/Custom)
  • Butyl & Butyl Rolls/Sheets
  • Butyl Products (Tapes/Sheets)
  • Barium Loaded Vinyl Sheet/ Acoustic Sheet
  • FEF (Elastomeric Foam)
  • Stainless Steel (Wire/Mesh)
  • Stainless Steel/Aluminium Toggles/Screws/Rivets
  • Weld Fasteners/Hangers/Flexible Duct Connector
  • Sheet metal Working Machines


Thermal Insulation-Engineering

  • Thermal insulation calculations
    • Heat loss
    • Condensation control
    • Economic thicknesses
  • Specification reviews & recommendations
  • Thermal Insulation material recommendations
  • Preparation of thermal insulation documentation
    • Quality Plans
    • Installation method statements
    • Installation Inspection & Test Plans

Our Engineering team has extensive experience in providing technical support to Insulation Contractors, Engineering EPCM Companies, International Oil & Gas Companies

Warehousing & Consolidation

As part of our continuing improvements to customer satisfaction, we offer a consolidating and loading facility for our customers. For a competitive quote on storage and consolidating, please contact us.

Logistics & Shipping

We can organise your transport requirements for local as well as overseas delivery. We offer a full export service to your job site worldwide including documentation and legalisation.

All Insulation Ancillaries for Industrial & HVAC Markets