Sealumet Australia has been appointed as the distributor for Super Mat Insulation manufactured by Lewco Speciality Products.

September 14 2018
Super Mat The New, No-dust Hydrophobic Blanket Solution

Super Mat supercharges most of HFB’s beneits andadds more advantages.

Super Mathas enhanced hydrophobic properties, very good thermal and acoustic properties, with zero dust at a significantly reduced cost

  • Significantly reduced purchase price vs. aerogel blanket
  • Zero dust or skin-drying discomfort
  • Hydrophobic throughout its thickness, up to 315 oC (600oF)
  • Achieves installation eficiencies and mechanical properties similar to aerogel blanket
  • Thermal equivalence: 16mm Super Mat = 10mm Pyrogel XTE
  • Available in 7.5mm (0.3 in), 16mm (0.63), and 20 mm (0.79 in) thicknesses
  • Every fiber of the blanket coated with chemical and temperature resistant PTFE Also available with integrated jacket consisting of 1 mm silicone coating
  • Available in moldable version
  • Suitable for multiple industrial applications